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  • 您好,歡迎來到江蘇凱爾生物識別科技有限公司的網站!

    企 業 方 針客戶滿意、產品環保、系統管理、持續改善

    企 業 愿 景:成為國內領先的光電產品企業

    企 業 使 命:創造客戶價值   提升員工生活品質   增加股東收益

    企 業 精 神:誠信   務實   團隊   專注   超越

    企 業 價 值 觀:誠信盡責   追求共贏

    經 營 策 略:技術領先   速度制勝




    Inorder to prevent the democratic republic of Congo (DRC) and its adjacent areasof conflict minerals used in our raw materials, implement company policy onconflict minerals, and improve the conditions of electronic supply chain,support regional purchasing plan, make the Congo (gold) and the surroundingadjacent to the national legal trade in the future.

    2.Scope of application:

    Apply to the component investigation of all raw materials of ourcompany.


    3.1conflict minerals:

    Serioushuman rights and environmental problems have been caused by the exploitation ofrare metals such as tin, black tungsten, coltan, iron ore and gold in the Congoand surrounding countries and regions. Much of the mining activity in theseareas is associated with armed groups of conflict (funding), leading tolong-term instability in the region, so it is called "conflictminerals".

    3.2adjacent to the state:

    Internationallyrecognized and Shared border with the democratic republic of the Congo. Note:the uncomplicated smelter assessment project also lists Kenya as a neighboringcountry.

    3.3 uncomplicatedmetal in the democratic republic of the Congo: products without conflict ofminerals and not directly or indirectly financing the armed forces of thedemocratic republic of the Congo or neighboring countries.

    3.4 policy on conflict minerals:

    Non-support, non-use of metals from armed conflict, illegalmining and poor working conditions, as "conflict minerals”. Suppliersshould investigate the metals including gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), Sn (Sn) andtungsten (W) in their products and confirm the source of these metals.

    4. Responsibilities:

    4.1 project department:

    The supplier shall be responsible for preliminary assessment ofwhether the raw materials contain conflict minerals when delivering thesamples.

    4.2 quality department:

    The commitment of the joint working group of the EICC and GeSI(global e-sustainability initiative) to improve the conditions of theelectronic supply chain and not to accept mining activities that can contributeto conflict. And the Dodd - frank protection act regulations require disclosureand reports relating to the product use tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta) (coltan, ironore), gold (Au), tungsten (W) and its source.

    4.3 purchasing department:

    Select the suitable supplier according to the material purchasedemand, and assist the supplier to request the supplier to investigate whetherthe supply material is used for conflict minerals and source of conflictminerals.

    5. Job requirements:

    5.1 projects department according to the need of the actualproduct, the required material passed to purchase specifications and relevantrequirements, request purchase directly admitted to find suitable suppliers,and whether this material contain conflict minerals risk assessment informationdisclosure to purchasing and quality.

    5.2 purchasing for research and development departmentto select material specification and quality requirements for suppliers,requiring suppliers to deliver confirmation, and the quality department needs"conflict-free metal report template" signed by questionnaire andneeds the guarantee of without the use of conflict minerals "passed to thesupplier to deliver the materials conflict mineral information investigationand material to make 

    promises. The non-conflict mineral security certificate and thesurvey results signed by the supplier shall be submitted to the qualitydepartment to determine whether it meets the requirements of the non-conflictmetal in the democratic republic of the Congo.

    5.3 quality according to the project department evaluationmaterials contain conflict minerals risk information disclosure, to purchasethe conflict-free metal report template questionnaires, and ask the purchasingfollow up supplier finished investigation and back the result to the companywithin a week.

    5.4 The quality department shall determine whether the materialis in conformity with the requirements of the non-conflict metal in thedemocratic republic of the Congo according to the information provided by thesupplier for the non-conflict metal report template questionnaire.

    5.5 If the results of the survey are in conformity with therequirements of the non-conflict metal in the democratic republic of Congo, theinformation is transferred to development, engineering and procurement;

    5.6 The results of the survey if the material is used in Congo(gold) and its surrounding the conflict minerals, require suppliers to providea written resolution and immediately stop the purchase and use of the Congo(gold) and its surrounding conflict minerals, to select new mineral sources andprovide effective evidence to prove that the new mineral is to meet therequirements of the democratic republic of Congo conflict-free metal andinstitutional improvement, prevention measures, in accordance with therequirements of the democratic republic of Congo conflict-free metal; It alsorequires the supplier to sign the non-conflict mineral guarantee certificate.

    6. Record

    6.1 do not use conflict mineral security certificate…………QW- 2017-154-001

    6.2 There is no conflict metal report template…………………QW- 2017-154-002


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